What Is TIJ (Thermal Inkjet) Technology & How Does It Work?

When you look at printers for your business, you will most likely come across TIJ printers that many industries will often use. However, unless you are familiar with all the terminology for the different printers, you may not know what a TIJ printer is. Below you can find an explanation of what a TIJ printer is, how they work, and the industries you can commonly find them in, so you understand what they are and how they work.

What Is A TIJ Printer?

A TIJ (thermal inkjet) printer is a printing system that uses heat to print to various surfaces, and it does not use bottles of inks or solvents, which makes it cost-effective. These printers use cartridges which makes it simple when you must replace the ink in your printer and means you can do it cleanly without making a mess. They are a cost-effective printing solution for businesses, which makes them massively popular in many industries. Depending on what your company prints, they are an ideal solution for your business and may also help you save money on your printing costs.

How A TIJ Printer Works

These printers use a drop ejection process and store ink in the cartridge to regulate its pressure. The ink heats up to 340 °C, which makes the ink form a bubble, and as it expands, it pushes the ink to the printing surface. Once the droplet of ink leaves the nozzle, the ink bubble will collapse and create a vacuum inside before the process starts to repeat. There are various benefits to using this printing system for your business, and you can see some of these below.

The Benefits Of Using TIJ Printers

Your company can enjoy many benefits when using a TIJ printer for all your printing needs, and it can help save money on the cost of printing for your business. The thermal inkjet ink from does not see as much wastage as other printing types, and the printers require less maintenance than other printing machines. They are also compact, and you can transport them easily, which is ideal for some industries that use these types of printers.

Industries That Commonly Use TIJ Printers

There are many industries where it is common to use a thermal inkjet printer, as the low running costs make it highly attractive for businesses. The lumber industry will use this printing method, and you also find it is common within the building industry with companies making building materials. The automotive industry also uses thermal inkjet printers, and you can often see this type of printing on food packaging, and the pharmaceutical industry also uses thermal inkjet printing on its packaging. The simplicity of using and maintaining thermal inkjet printers and the reduced cost of running them makes these an attractive proposition to many businesses.

When looking for the perfect printing solution for your business, you will want to do more investigations and see if a thermal inkjet printer will suit your printing requirements. Many reputable companies are selling these types of printers and all the supplies you need, so they are readily available at an affordable price.

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